Studio Pneuma Heavy object 2

Studio Pneuma Heavy object 2


The Pneuma objects function as decorative, tactile pieces for the home, as well as physical anchors for the Pneuma spatial fragrances of your choice.

The Pneuma objects are created by looking into the soft, muscular expressions of the human body. Each object relates to the scale of a hand and the sensation of a touch – Evoking an understanding of our physical scale and presence. 

The objects are crafted in solid stone in Italy – A natural material that stores thermal qualities, like the warmth from the sun. If you place the object in a heated area, applied with a Pneuma spatial fragrance, the warmth adds movement to the evaporation of the fragrance, allowing for an enhanced spatial smell experience.

We recommend applying 2-3 drops of your desired Pneuma spatial fragrance onto the object, letting it absorb and naturally diffuse the fragrance. When doing so, the inherent porous qualities within the pure stone material come to life, adding a new poetic dimension to the sculptural piece and the intimate space surrounding it. 

When adding more drops to your object, little by little will the intensity and volume of the fragrance build up and grow stronger.


Designer: Studio Pneuma
Material: crafted in solid stone
Measurements: Ø 22 cm / H 3 cm
Note: Size might differ slightly as the stone is polished by hand.


2.100,00 kr