Mengel Concrete Stool

Mengel Concrete Stool


MENGEL designs and produces handmade furniture pieces primarily of concrete in their studio just outside of Copenhagen. The design vision is minimal and elegant, with pieces that are simple yet sculptural in their purest form.

With references to old Japanese wooden stools, the MENGEL concrete stool is cast in forms built from recycling parts from larger ones, usually worn or leftover from other mold making, which gives each piece their own distinctive character and kind of patina.

Please note: Made to order item – please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery
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Manufacturer: MENGEL
Material: Fiber reinforced concrete
Colour: Grey
H 36, D 34, W 34 cm
Finish: Pre-treated to withstand stains

Care instruction: We recommend wiping any spills off immediately. The stool is not 100% repellent to acid, coffee, red wine, or fat etc. For minor spills or watermarks, the stool is best cleaned with a damp cloth and normal dish soap, nothing harsher. If stains occur, a light sanding with grain 1200+ with water can help. Rinse with water and reapply sealer after to close off the surface. We recommend wiping over the entire top when cleaning the stool. Avoid high temperatures and sharp objects directly on the surface. Within the first 14 days after delivery, you should be extra conscious as the surface is still maturing.
Additional information: Each piece is handmade and will have its own unique look and characteristics. Concrete will age and get patina from use.


5.250,00 kr