Wästberg W171 Alma lamp

Wästberg W171 Alma lamp


W171 Alma is striking - featuring a round metal plate with soft carvings. Soothingly elegant - like a drop of water in a still water surface making a soft sine waves - diffusing the light. 

The starting point for w171 alma is a circle of soft sine waves diffusing light. The shape is based on a rotated sine wave, where light and shadow create a readily recognisable character. The lamp doubles as a solitary, for example freely suspended above a table, and in a group in a larger room - where it can create a pattern of floating points of light, like a ceiling of lights.

The light image of concentric circles can be varied depending on the choice of light source in the E27 socket. The soft and reduced shape creates a pleasant atmosphere and lends a sculptural feeling, even in daylight, when the satin matte finish and colour of the surface emerges. With its slim silhouette, w171 alma can be mounted directly onto the ceiling or wall, or suspended freely. This makes it easy to adjust the light to the requirement of the situation.

Please note: made to order – please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery

Designer: Tham & Videgård
Manufacturer: Wästberg
Material: Aluminum
Colour: White or grey
Measurements: Ø 69 cm / W 2,3 cm
Suspended: Pendant lamp - no switch on cord as this wires into the electrical socket 
Ceiling / Wall: Mounted on metal bracket - no switch on cord as this wires into the electrical socket 
Wall: Mounted on metal bracket - dimmer switch on cord