Rosenthal Studio Line Sandblasted Glass Vase

Rosenthal Studio Line Sandblasted Glass Vase


The Rosenthal Studio Line are unique design objects that perfectly combine aesthetics and function. Designed by internationally recognized artists which are known for their avantgardistic work.

This handmade glass vase accentuate the fragile quality of glass with its delicate surface and folded ends and is presumably created by the Hungarian designer Zsofia Kanyak (1944-1975). 

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Designer: Presumably attributed to Zsofia Kanyak 
Manufacturer: Rosenthal Studio
Year: Unknown 
Material: Sandblasted glass
Measurements: W: 12,5 cm / L:  23 cm / H:  18,2 cm 
Colour: White 



2.000,00 kr