River Cafe London by Ruth Rogers & Rose Gray

River Cafe London by Ruth Rogers & Rose Gray


30 Years of Recipes and the Story of a Much-Loved Restaurant

A stunning Italian cookbook collecting 120 recipes from the legendary restaurant that sets “the benchmark for Italian food outside of Italy”. At the River Cafe in London, Ruth Rogers and her co-founder, Rose Gray, helped to shape the way we eat, trained a new generation of chefs, and, with their best-selling cookbooks, transformed the way we prepare Italian food at home.

120 recipes of favorites from Ruth and Rose's first cookbook, as well as thirty new classics from their menus today: Ravioli with Ricotta; Spaghetti with Lemon; Risotto Nero with Swiss Chard; Pork Braised with Vinegar; and, their famous Chocolate Nemesis cake. The cookbook incorporates Ruth's memories of the restaurant's stories as well as unseen archive images; careful cooking tips and hand-drawn illustrations; and bespoke menu designs from the restaurant's many artist friends. This beautiful cookbook encapsulates the essence of the restaurant and its food--and is a must-have for all food lovers to cook from time and again.

Authors: Ruth Rogers & Rose Gray
Year: 2017


350,00 kr