Rosetta by Elena Reygadas

Rosetta by Elena Reygadas


Rosetta is one of the most popular and beautiful restaurants in Mexico City. Since it opened in 2010, it has reinvented what a Mexican restaurant can be: through sincere, ingredient-based cuisine that both revives and challenges tradition; through its commitment to serving local and seasonal produce grown by small-scale, sustainable producers; and through its location and attention to detail. All creating a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere. 

In her first cookbook, Elena Reygadas, chef and owner of Rosetta, shares a selection of her recipes from present and past. She also offers a series of reflections on many different topics: from the social and environmental impact of industrialised food, to personal recollections, to the history of little-known Mexican ingredients. 

Author: Elena Reygadas
Year: 2019
Publisher: BOM DIA BOA TARDE BOA NOITE / Editorial Sexto Piso


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