Pia Baastrup Cup With Handle

Pia Baastrup Cup With Handle
Pia Baastrup Cup With Handle


Pia Baastrup is known for her beautiful series of folded transparent porcelain, From Paper to Porcelain. Everything for the series originates from models that are cut and folded in paper, either from one piece or by putting several pieces together, after which the model is transferred to the porcelain. Pia Baastrup first rolls out the porcelain into thin sheets, which she then cuts out according to templates, slits, bends or folds like paper and finally assembles. This creates cups, bowls, plates and dishes. Everything is made by hand without molds and there are therefore small differences in the individual products. Each item is thus unique and signed.

Unique, handmade cups with handle. A perfect piece for your morning coffee, afternoon tea or evening hot chocolate. The large cup can also be used for serving soup or dessert.

Designer: Pia Baastrup
Manufacturer: Pia Baastrup
Year: 2020
Material: Glazed porcelain
Colour: White
Measurements: 15 x 15 cm, 20 x 20 cm
Note: Hand washing is advised.