Agape Vieques Bath Tub by Patricia Urquiola

Agape Vieques Bath Tub by Patricia Urquiola


This free standing steel bath tub designed by Patricia Urquiola for Agape takes inspiration from the classic bathtub, but with new contemporary design elements. The bathtub comes with a black painted exterior and white painted interior.

Founded in 1973 Agape has always been front runners in the architecture of bathrooms. Their vision, use of materials and geometric shape are unique, and with their wide range of tailored designs they elevate the experience of the intimate space of the bathroom to a new level.

Please note that the bath tub also comes in an outdoor version.

Designer: Patricia Urquiola
Manufactor: Agape
Year: 2008
Material: White / Black painted steel
Measurements: Regular: L 171 cm B 72,6 cm H 63,5 cm, XS L 150 cm B 72,6 cm H 67,5 cm
Note: Made to order item - please allow 10-12 weeks delivery