Azumaya Inban mamezara Plates

Azumaya Inban mamezara Plates


Individually hand made small plates from Hasami, Nagasaki Prefecture in Japan, using a technique called "Inban" which involves transcribing patterns on vessels. Not only could they be used as nominal plates, but they're in a size that is perfect to place spices or to dish up pickles as well. The name of Mame(bean)-zara(plate) means a small plate, which is a traditional expression in Japan and still used today.


Manufacturer: Azumaya
Material: Porcelain
Measurements: Tanpopo Ø 8.1 x H 1.9 cm, Himawari Ø 8.2 x H 2 cm, Boke W 9.2 x D 6.4 x H 2.5 cm, Ougi W 8.1 x D 6.3 x H 1.7 cm


165,00 kr