Chiarastella Cattana Mano Napkin / Hand towel

Chiarastella Cattana Mano Napkin / Hand towel


Chiarastella Cattana combines contemporary design with traditional craftmanship in these napkins made of soft and tactile linen. The breathable, light material makes it perfect for absorbing water as well as releasing it afterwards. The production of the material is also better for the environment due to less use of resources. All Chiarastella’s products are made in Italy – from the design to the production, which makes each product a one of a kind. 

Please note: If not in stock – please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery

Designer: Chiarastella Cattana
Manufactor: Chiarastella Cattana
Material: Crepe linen with machine embroidered hand.
Measurements: W 31 cm L 50 cm
Note: Care: Machine wash at 40 degrees Celsius. Can also be gently  tumble dryed. Expect a shrinkage when washed of 7% in warp and 4% in weft.


150,00 kr