Akua Objects Barbro Wine Glass

Akua Objects Barbro Wine Glass
Akua Objects Barbro Wine Glass


Akua Objects was founded with a purpose of honouring glassware as poetic object with a purpose that goes beyond serving as a frame for water. 

The Barbro collection honours the grandmothers of Josefine, who carefully set the table with Swedish handmade bow glasses from the early 19th century. To Akua Objects, the bow symbolises a unity of past and future generations and traditions being intertwined and so it pays tribute to what Aka objects believes to be timeless. 

The Barbro wine glasses consist of three mouth blown parts that are finally connected as a goblet. Elegant for serving wine, graceful on display.

The Barbro collection is dishwasher safe. Dishwasher programs up to max 50°C are recommended, however the glasses are not suitable for hot beverages.


Designer: Akua Objects
Manufacturer: Akua Objects
Material: Mouth blown and handmade Bohemian glassware
Colour: Clear
Measurements: H 13 cm x Ø 7 cm


1.200,00 kr