Haeckels Incense cones

Haeckels Incense cones
Haeckels Incense cones


Hæckels creates locally harvested natural incense cones. These incense cones offer a burn time of approximately 15 minutes along with a scent longevity of 2-4 hours. These incense cones are available in four unique scents for different occasions and seasons. 

Bog Myrtle: This scent is similar to cloves and is often used in flower bouquets due to its complimenting scents that work hand in hand with other floral scents. 

Wild Fennel: This scent is earthy, sweet and anise like. It has a resemblance to the digestive system and has since medieval times been used to convey longevity, courage and strength.

Juniper: This scent is created from a coniferous plant. It has a history of folklore and stimulates and strengthens the nerves. 

Lemon Balm: This scent is made from a herb of the Lamiaceae family. It has been used for centuries to reduce anxiety, promote sleep and improve symptoms of indigestion.


Designer: Haeckels
Manufactor: Haeckels
Material: Natural ingredients harvested on the coastline of Margate, Kent


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