KANA London Mugs

KANA London Mugs
KANA London Mugs


Sculptor Ana Kerin has a playful and experimental approach when creating her unique handmade pieces. Inspired by her own background in fine arts KANA's ceramic showcases their handmade off spring where the artist tactile handprint is significant in every item. These mugs are made in collaboration with studio x viaduct - with a dive into KANA's archives. Ana tells the story of how she tends to always grasp for a mug, where the handle is broken - simply because it offers her a good and comfortable grib like no other. This became the birth of these particular mugs. The sizes and shapes may vary and there may be traces of fingerprints in the clay – but this is all part of the story of each of the unique cups that become small art pieces in themselves. 

Please note: If not in stock – please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery

Designer: Kana London / Ana Kerin
Manufactor: Kana London
Material: Clay
Measurements: Ø 6 cm H 8 cm
Note: Can go in the dishwasher – but hand-washing is advised.


450,00 kr