Karakter Moby lamp by Birgitte Due Madsen and Jonas Trampedach

Karakter Moby lamp by Birgitte Due Madsen and Jonas Trampedach


The timeless Moby table lamp charms with a combination of an elegant organic shape and soft white light. The Moby lamp features an integrated LED light source enclosed inside the top cap, illuminating the empty space underneath it with a smooth glow. The built-in dimmer allows you to adjust the intensity of the light.

Released in 2015, the Moby table lamp is a collaboration between two Danish designers, Birgitte Due Madsen and Jonas Trampedach, who aimed at creating an abstract, sculpture-like luminaire using a plaster cast. Today, the lamp is made from a durable acrylic material that has a silky matte surface similar to plaster. In 2016, the Moby lamp was awarded the Silver Hetsch Medal, the highest recognition for crafts in Denmark.

Designer: Birgitte Due Madsen and Jonas Trampedach
Manufacturer: Karakter
Year: 2015
Material: Acovi acrylic
Measurements:  H 20cm, L 24,5cm, W 9,5cm

Technical specifications: 
Light source: Integrated dimmable 6W LED
Colour temperature: 2700K
Voltage: 230V/110V
Cable: L 270 cm, white plastic
EU/UK/AU/US/JP/CN plugs included
Note: Made to order item. Please allow 4-5 weeks for delivery.


3.999,00 kr