Produzione Privata Kado Vases by Michele De Lucchi

Produzione Privata Kado Vases by Michele De Lucchi


"Kado is the “way of flowers” and refers to the road to spiritual elevation, according to Zen principles". 

The three Kado vases in transparent blown borosilicate glass with stackable lids are designed by italian master Michele De Lucchi. They were born of the desire to resurrect fading ancient traditions and craftsmanship techniques, in particular the technique of 'optic glass' achieved through mouth blowing into a wooden cast to shape the intended glass waves. The rediscovery of the optic glass through the artistic interpretation of the personality of the 3 major italian winds is part of the creative imagination of Michele De Lucchi.

The glass effect is called “optical” because of its facets which produce a particular brightness and transparency. The preciousness is emphasized by the combination of sinuous forms and by the green colour peculiar to many Produzione Privata creations. The dimensions are important.

Designer: Michele De Lucchi
Manufacturer: Produzione Privata
Year: 2008
Materials: Borosilicate Glass
Measurements: Ø 9/11/13 cm / H 37/27/18cm
Note: Made to order item. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.