Kosen Nabeshima ware celadon Cup

Kosen Nabeshima ware celadon Cup


Japanese celadon cup made by Kosen pottery using traditional Nabeshima ware methods. Nabeshima ware is one of the finest Japanese forms of pottery, originating from Imari in Saga, Japan. The glazing is made of natural celadon stones, using a method that has been passed down from generation to generation over 350 years in the Okawachi area.

Kosen pottery used traditional glazing and design, while also applying modern functionality to the cup. After baking in the kiln, the natural celadon glazing flows and gets thick on the edge with delicate cracking. That makes the cup stackable and shows its beautility while being stored on the shelf.

Nabeshima ware was not a commercial product for export or local use, but made only for the feudal ruler under strict supervision for the Nabeshima family during the Edo period. Kosen is one of the descendants of 31 artisans who started Nabeshima ware in 1675. They have been keeping and elevating the method, even today for representing the crafts as the beauty of everyday things.

Manufacturer: KOSEN
Material: Celadon glaze, clay
Measurements: Ø 8,2 x H 5 cm
Note: Can go in the dishwasher – but hand washing is advised.


275,00 kr