Koishwara ware Mamezara and Sansunzara Plates

Koishwara ware Mamezara and Sansunzara Plates


Koishiwara ware is a type of Japanese pottery from Toho village, Fukuoka prefecture in Japan, established over 400 years ago. There are about 50 potteries in the small village, artisans have been elevating the method in each pottery's way which is Koishiwara ware's uniqueness. The spiral pattern "Tobikanna" and flower pattern "Hakeme" are the most representative traditional techniques from them. The name of Mame(bean)zara(plate) and Sansun(9cm)zara mean small plates, which i a traditional expression in Japan and still used today.


Material: clay
Measurements: Ø 10.5 x H 2.4 cm


225,00 kr