Maestrale, Libeccio, Scirocco Vases - Produzione Privata Wind Vases


“The wind does not move. The flag does not move. It is the mind that moves”.
(Zen adage)

Transparent Green Blown Glass

Maestrale, Libeccio and Scirocco are the 'Wind Vases' designed by Michele De Lucchi in 2008. They were born of the desire to resurrect fading ancient traditions and craftsmanship techniques, in particular the technique of 'optic glass' achieved through mouth blowing into a wooden cast to shape the intended glass waves. The rediscovery of the optic glass through the artistic interpretation of the personality of the 3 major italian winds is part of the creative imagination of Michele De Lucchi.

The glass effect is called “optical” because of its facets which produce a particular brightness and transparency. The preciousness is emphasized by the combination of sinuous forms and by the green colour peculiar to many Produzione Privata creations. The dimensions are important.

Maestrale, or Mistral, is a very powerful and cold Mediterranean wind that blows from north-west and is represented by the vase with the largest, most impending waves that similarly to Vivaldi's 'Storm' in the four seasons gives a striking introduction to what will be your contents of the vase.
ø cm 20
H cm 39

The Libeccio is a moody south-west wind named after the land where it is belived to come from, Libya, it frequently raises high seas and gives violent westerly squalls, it is represented by a peaceful rising tide interrupted by a break of three escalating waves that end merely suggest the potential of the substance of your vase.
ø cm 23
H cm 39

Finally the Scirocco is the friendly wind from the south-east, it comes from the sahara and brings warmth and sometimes sand to our lands, it is represented by the continuation of peaceful waves in a slight and pleasant decrescendo that embraces and supports your vase's content.
ø cm 22
H cm 39



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