Maison Bengal Baskets

Maison Bengal Baskets
Maison Bengal Baskets


The Jute baskets from Maison Bengal is perfect for storing vegetables or fruits - or domestic storage in general. Use it to store the children's toys or your products in the bathroom. Handwoven by women in Bangladesh, the Fairtrade company Maison Bengal works with different NGO’s to support local workers and provide good working conditions as well as fair wages. The jute material is locally grown and is both very strong and durable.

Also available in different variations and sizes with handle -- ideal for keeping a pretty mess in the everyday living. 

Please note: If not in stock - allow for 6-8 weeks delivery

Designer: Maison Bengal
Manufacturer: Maison Bengal
Material: Handwoven Jute
Round - small w/no handles H 24 cm Ø 24 cm 
Round - small w/handles H 40 Ø 30 cm
Round - tall w/handles H 55 Ø 40 cm  
Square - small w/no handles H 24 cm L 34 cm W 24 cm
Square - small w/handles H 30 L 38 W 26 cm
Square - large w/handles H 40 L 50 W 38 cm