Matsuyama Tokojo Yukihira Pots

Matsuyama Tokojo Yukihira Pots


A traditional earthenware pot that utilized solely heat-resistant soil of Iga. As it is ovenable and microwavable, it could also be used for cooking and heating of side dishes, rice porridge, gratin, and soup. The lovely forms would surely soothe the dining table.

It could cook dishes for one person.
Size: Width 19cm (including handle) x Depth 14cm x Height 12.5cm
Capacity: About 350ml


It could cook dishes for three persons.
Size: Width 26.5cm (including handle) x Depth 20.3cm x Height 17cm
Capacity: About 900ml

Material: Iga Refractory Soil
Available: Fire/Microwave/Oven
Unavailable: Induction Heating/Electric Cooktop