Miyama Teapot Super Light Blue

Miyama Teapot Super Light Blue


The Miyama tea pot is designed by Oda Toki, Fukayama and designer Rina Ono as a part of a range of simple everyday yet high quality table-ware in central Japan.
The combination of the porcelain texture and the old-fashioned slight blue color and caramelised candy color, evokes a deep sense of nostalgia, created with the hope that they would harmonize well in the Western and Japanese table settings.

Designer: Oda Toki, Fukayama and Rina Ono
Manufacturer: Miyama
Material: Porcelain
Measurement: D 17 x H 10 x 13,5 cm / 400 ml
Colour: Blue and white
Note: Please be sure to wash the product with water or lukewarm water before using it for the first time. Please remove stains as soon as possible after use, and dry well before storing.


530,00 kr