Valerie Objects Five Circles by Muller van Severen

Valerie Objects Five Circles by Muller van Severen


Adding to their oeuvre, Muller Van Severen created several sets of five well attuned circle-shaped objects to be used as food trays. Five Circles consists of three polyethylene and two marble discs. When piled up these five disks form a colourful sculpture on the dinner table. Their vision: let’s not hide the objects we use, let them be part of the interior. - The five circles definitely offers a versatile use: as plates, trivets, cutting boards, for serving - or for decor and small, creative still life. Your imagination sets the limit.

This item is made-to-order.

Designer: Fien og Hannes Muller van Severen
Manufacturer: Valerie Objects
Year: 2017
Material: Polyethylene / marble
Measurements: Dia: 21 cm / H: 2 cm
Variations:  Five different colour combinations
Additional information: The three polyethylene circles have a temperature limitation of max 70° Celcius / 158° Fahrenheit.


3.850,00 kr