Valerie Objects Mortar and Bottle of Spices by Nendo

Valerie Objects Mortar and Bottle of Spices by Nendo


Created as part of Valerie Objects Salt-Pepper project, the Japanese designer Nendo aims to add a humorous twist to his newest creation. The pepper and salt shakers are actually round glass bottles with a ribbed bottom placed on a glass holder. The intention is to pick up the bottle, pour some spice into the holder, grind it with the ribbed bottom of the bottle and then pour the squashed pepper or salt on your meal. In his choice of material and form Nendo evokes the imagery and texture of ancient artefacts, using a translucent vessel in which peppercorns appear as raindrops through a frosted window, nestled together as a pestle in a mortar.


Manufacturer: Valerie Objects

Year: 2018

Material: Bottle made of handblown glass, bottle holder made of pressed glass, cork cap, dishwasher friendly

Measurements: L 8 cm / H 10.5 cm


280,00 kr