Nuori Detangling Comb

Nuori Detangling Comb
Nuori Detangling Comb Neutral
Nuori Detangling Comb Rose
Nuori Detangling Comb Ocean


An exquisite, handmade comb, perfect for everyday use. It comes with a matching vegan leather case, making it convenient to carry around in a purse or travel bag. Ideal for curly, thick and/or long hair - the comb protects hair from getting frizzy and detangles. 

For the best detangling effect, it can be used in the shower with a conditioner. 

Manufacturer: Nuori
Comb: cellulose acetate (made of FSC/PEFC certified wood pulp)  
Sleeve: high-quality vegan leather
Comb:  L: 150 / W: 65 / H: 4mm
Vegan leather pouch:  L: 165 / W: 79 / H: 5mm




249,00 kr