Takazawa Nanao Candles - Set of Five

Takazawa Nanao Candles - Set of Five


Made with traditional techniques by the Japanese candle makers, Takazawa Candle, this set of five Nanao candles will bring a special ambience to your home. Named after the countryside city where Takazawa Candle resides, the Nanao candles are all named and shaped after different plants that grow in the area. 

The candles are made from the traditional sumac wax that derives from plants making them soft and easy to shape. The wick is made with a plant-based recipe that dates back to the 16th century symbolising a relationship between nature and history, while making the flames bigger and brighter than other candles. 

The candles have an accompanying candle holder that fits the candle, and is sold separately. 

Designer: Takazawa Candle
Manufacturer: Takazawa Candle
Material: sumac wax 
Measurements: Ø: 2 cm / H: 11 cm
Note: Burn time 110 min - 130 min


450,00 kr