Tōseibo Bamboo mug studio x exclusive

Tōseibo Bamboo mug studio x exclusive
Tōseibo Bamboo mug studio x exclusive


The studio x exclusive mug cup made by Longfei Wang from Tōseibo, the cups can be freely stacked into a bamboo stalk, not only saving storage space but also creating artistic scenery in your kitchen. The special studio x edition is with a square handle to contrast the organic bamboo shape. It is comfortable to hold with and transformed into fresh bamboo leaves when stacking up.

Bamboo is commonly used for making everyday functional objects in Asia. As a type of material, it has unique patterns and natural colors and is flexible, light, and fast-growing. As an evergreen plant native to Asia, it is loved and praised as one of the four noble ones, together with plum blossom, orchid and chrysanthemum.

Inspired by its cultural significance in Asian tradition, bamboo’s distinct natural shape is represented in tōsei’s signature bamboo cup series. Each cup is hand-thrown and endued with translucent emerald glaze by ceramic artist Longfei at tōsei studio located in central Copenhagen.

Please note: If not in stock – please allow 3 weeks for delivery.


Designer: Longfei Wang
Manufactor: Toseibo
Material: Stoneware
Measurements: Body: Ø 7 x H 9 cm, W 12.5 x H 10 cm (incl. handle)
Note: Can go in the dishwasher at glass wash mode or low temperature – but hand-washing is advised.


950,00 kr