Valerie Objects Hidden Vase by Chris Kabel

Valerie Objects Hidden Vase by Chris Kabel


Designed by Chris Kabel for Valerie Objects, the outstanding Hidden Vase was inspired by the idea of creating an invisible vase for flowers. Based in the Netherlands, Chris Kabel is an industrial designer that combines his interest for science with an intuitive artistic approach. Inspired by a poultry water system, the flowers rest around the vase to highlight the beauty of the entire flower, giving the illusion that they are growing directly from the water plate. The stainless steel frame allows the flowers to stand upright adding a unique touch to the coloured glass.



Designer: Chris Kabel
Manufacturer: Valerie Objects
Collection: Hidden Vase
Material: Borosilicate glass with stainless steel frame
Measurements: H 37 cm Ø 29 cm


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